A Boon in T Shirt Printing Technology

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One of the benefits of technology that people who love to wear printed T Shirts is they could get their own apparel on the same day. More companies engaged in T Shirt Printing in and other nations are now offering such promises.

Much like the advertised services of fast food establishments, T Shirt Printing companies also promise satisfaction of designing or ordering their T Shirts, receiving their orders on the same day and wearing it the next day. Otherwise, if the T Shirt Printer fails to fulfill their promise, they get their money back or even give clients £10 as on-time guarantee.

How is that possible? First, people now no longer have to fill up order forms on paper, go to the company and submit the order or mail it and then wait for the order to be processed. There was also the old and cumbersome procedure of the artist making a rendition of a design by hand, sending it back to the client for approval or revision, until the final design in agreed upon. It is only at that point when production starts.

However, with technology, people who want to order printed T Shirts could go online, fill up an order, pay also online, view, select and approve a design online via live streaming and open communication lines with the artist and other staff of the T Shirt Printing company involved in the entire process. You can follow the same process to create your own t-shirt.

Create your own tshirt

Also contributory to the same working day order, delivery promise is the express delivery offered by courier companies.

These promises are part of the marketing ploy of T Shirt Printing companies to get a larger slice of the market. The firms could afford to make such big promises partly because they have on their library thousands of available design ready for execution and production. These designs also have copyrights, removing the legal problems associated with copyrights.

Despite the availability of thousands of copyrighted designs, some people are not satisfied and want an original, one-of-a-kind design. Even for those without much artistic gifts, software makes it possible for them to create their own designs.

Such software available includes advanced Internet web 2.00 tool applications using Flex 3.0, Flash and AJAX, along with PHP script. These software offer tailor-made products and solutions based on the belief that one size doesn’t fit all, particularly when it comes to T Shirt designs. These software are made by RIA Technology.

Another software available is the T Shirt Factory Deluxe 3.0 created by Nova Development. It features 6,300 plus ready-made designs, 28,000 colour Clip Art images, 2 CD-ROMs and Fruit of the Loom 100 per cent cotton Lofteez T Shirt.

Besides T Shirts, the designs from this software could also be used on shorts, director’s chairs, pennants, visors and even photo T Shirts and business logo shirts. When the design is done, it is printed to a particular transfer paper using any colour inkjet printer, iron and then peel.

Technology certainly has gone a long way that makes grand promises by T Shirt Printing companies such as same-day service, possible.