Having A Musical Mindset

Think about the greatest, most engaging musical performances you’ve seen.  What was so magical about them?  Is this ‘magic’ the possession of only a few musicians or can you have it too?  Will you be able to engage an audience if you can play really fast and impress them with technique?  How can you be as good as those you admire?

When I watch or listen to a great musical performance, I am drawn into another world.  I am lost in story and space, totally enraptured, clinging to each note and to each silence.  I feel alive and connected to the music.  It becomes me.  Not only have I felt this with great musical technicians but the not-so-technical musicians as well.

I believe everyone is capable of expressing great music or art, but in order to do so we need to practice creating a space for ourselves which enables greatness to come to the fore.  This means developing the ability to live in the present.  For example, when you do the washing up, are you paying attention to the feeling of warm water, the motion of the dishcloth, the sounds of your environment, the air?  Or are you thinking about what you have to do in the future or what happened in the past or a plethora of other mental activities?

It is not easy to live in the present and in order to do so you need to be constantly aware of your mental activity.  One book I read recently was “The Power of Now” by Ekkhart Tolle.  I found just reading a page would help me to feel calmer and more in touch with myself and helped me to be “here now”.  I reflected on my music and what I really wanted from it and found that when I applied some of the strategies mentioned in the book, my practice became an activity I looked forward to every day because it offered me peace, a kind of meditation and increasingly I became less interested in ‘being a good musician’ like the one I saw in a wedding band in Melbourne (which really took the pressure off!) and discovered the music within.

wedding band

This meant I became more involved in every sound and the beauty of just one note ringing out, I began to listen more and because of that have become more present in my practice.  Coincidentally, the more this happened, the more ‘progress’ or ‘better’ musician I became.  But progress felt effortless because it wasn’t important to me any more.  I practice music because I love to become lost in the metronome and the vibration, I love the sound of the piano, the feeling of my fingers working the keys as they press them down, I love the feeling of my voice in my body and the simplicity of sound, the awareness and presentness it brings to my life.  Now, I know I will always practice music.

The first twenty years of my music history was not this.  It was filled with emotional turmoil, wanting to be as good as…… but not being that.  Wanting the best gigs, but not having them…. Wanting to be famous, respected, known.  The pressure I put myself under was immense and because of it I couldn’t even feel what music really was, in fact, I just stopped and didn’t even want to see live music or even listen to it because it reminded me of everything I was not and everything I wanted to achieve but felt I couldn’t.  Now I know, that this was not the experience of participating in music but rather the experience of indulging my Ego, letting it control a part of my life where it most definitely didn’t belong because (and I’ll let you in on a little secret here), the Ego is a terrible musician, although thinks it is rather amazing!

I am not trashing the Ego.  We need it for all sorts of things in music and in our day, all I’m saying is Ego cannot play the music.  Your music needs to come from your still and ever-present Self.  This means when you play as scale, you need to be listening intently to every note you hit.  You need to be in tune with your body and breath, you need to be relaxed.  You need to be present.  If you practice presentness, it will be easy to perform from this state and no matter what your technical ability is, your performance will be great.

It is worth asking yourself where your music is coming from.  If it is coming from your truest Self, I am guessing you are pretty happy with what is happening musically for you.  If you are not very happy with the way things are going… is it because your Ego is too involved?

There is much to be explored in these questions and I hope to expand on this in later blogs.  Please feel free to leave a comment.  I’d love to hear what you think.


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Things to Know in Determining Property Value

So many people would talk about property and they would often say that property is one of the best to market because it is an easy sell. When people do plan on selling their properties, they are usually just waiting for offers and just go with the offer they feel is big enough but that should not be the case. Many investors are very wise in choosing properties to buy because they would often go for those properties that would skyrocket in the future in terms of price because of certain factors that are beneficial to the growth of its price.


Due to the fact that investors especially those who are also so experienced would use the advantage of going with a certain high price in their offer to make the seller grab it as fast as they can, taking the bait. People who are selling their properties especially amateurs should look into it that there are not advantages of because property values depend on certain factors and one of the most important is the location of the property. One factor is best home loan rate If your property is in a location where the industry is booming or there is certain growth in its economy then you should reconsider the value you provide.


To be able to identify the right value for your property is indeed a need to ensure that you will not regret selling your property because there are already so many property owners that have sold their property for a certain value and found out later that the property they own is in a location that is growing especially in terms of value. You can actually hire professionals that would help you set the right value for your property, putting the market growth into consideration making it a fair and wise decision in your part as a seller of your own property.


It is always an advantage to be aware of all the things that are necessary in order to be able to sell your properties without regret in the future. It is also important that you would not let yourself be drawn into the negotiations and deals made by investors without even putting all things into consideration. It is recommendable that you would hire professionals to assist you in this venture because they are there to help you on how to determine the right property value, making it easier for you as the seller since you are at ease since you know the right deal for your property.

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Health Information You Can Use

The immune system does a great job in protecting us against harmful microorganisms, bacteria, and all sorts of germs. Why does it happen then that it fails sometimes, and people get sick? What are the ways to intervene and give a boost to the immune system? Would it help if you take natural supplements or vitamins? What about having a balanced diet? Perhaps adopting a healthy lifestyle will work best?
Adopting a healthy lifestyle is the first step to making your immune system work for you. Thus, it is important to exercise regularly, get enough sleep, maintain healthy weight, and control your blood pressure. Do your best to quit smoking. To have a strong and healthy immune system, your diet should be low in saturated fat and high in vegetables, whole grains, and fruits.

Getting screening tests on a regular basis is a must – so have the tests for your age group or for your risk category if you fall in one. Avoiding infections as best as you can is another way to stay healthy and boost your immune system. Maintain good hygiene, cook meats well, and wash your hands with soap and water frequently. Some types of foods will help your immune system fight microorganisms effectively.
There are certain types of foods that give a boost to your immunity, making it stronger. Taking foods that contain antioxidants is a good idea as they fight free radicals. Thus, your immune system is better at dealing with colds, flu, and various diseases and infections. Some infections are only minor; however, HPV transmission and other serious infections can have serious consequences such as cervical cancer. So, what is the best way to make your body stronger so that your immune system can fight infections?
With regard to antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin E, and beta-carotene are major sources. These vitamins are contained in colored fruits and vegetables such as vegetables and fruits with purple, red, yellow, blue, and orange hues. You will benefit the most if you consume them lightly steamed (but not boiled) or raw.
Avoid overcooking. Vitamin C is found in fruits and vegetables such as sweet potato, green, yellow, and red peppers, strawberries, tomatoes, and Brussels sprouts. Another antioxidant vitamin is vitamin E, found in red peppers, sunflower seeds, carrots, spinach, papaya, and others. Consuming foods rich in beta-carotene is also important. Among them are pink grapefruit, sweet potato, corn, watermelon, and apricots. It should be noted that apart from vitamins, there are other antioxidants, such as zinc and selenium.
Zinc is contained in different food products, for example, dairy products, beans, red meat, and poultry. Selenium, on the other hand, is found in Brazil nuts, tuna, fortified breads, poultry, and so on. All these are good ways to strengthen your immune system so that it can fight various types of warts, herpes, inflammations, and infections. For organic healthy food see https://healthtree.com.au/.
Having a strong immune system decreases the risk of infections and HPV transmission. It is important to find more about HPV and different types of warts.

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A Boon in T Shirt Printing Technology

One of the benefits of technology that people who love to wear printed T Shirts is they could get their own apparel on the same day. More companies engaged in T Shirt Printing in and other nations are now offering such promises.

Much like the advertised services of fast food establishments, T Shirt Printing companies also promise satisfaction of designing or ordering their T Shirts, receiving their orders on the same day and wearing it the next day. Otherwise, if the T Shirt Printer fails to fulfill their promise, they get their money back or even give clients £10 as on-time guarantee.

How is that possible? First, people now no longer have to fill up order forms on paper, go to the company and submit the order or mail it and then wait for the order to be processed. There was also the old and cumbersome procedure of the artist making a rendition of a design by hand, sending it back to the client for approval or revision, until the final design in agreed upon. It is only at that point when production starts.

However, with technology, people who want to order printed T Shirts could go online, fill up an order, pay also online, view, select and approve a design online via live streaming and open communication lines with the artist and other staff of the T Shirt Printing company involved in the entire process. You can follow the same process to create your own t-shirt.

Create your own tshirt

Also contributory to the same working day order, delivery promise is the express delivery offered by courier companies.

These promises are part of the marketing ploy of T Shirt Printing companies to get a larger slice of the market. The firms could afford to make such big promises partly because they have on their library thousands of available design ready for execution and production. These designs also have copyrights, removing the legal problems associated with copyrights.

Despite the availability of thousands of copyrighted designs, some people are not satisfied and want an original, one-of-a-kind design. Even for those without much artistic gifts, software makes it possible for them to create their own designs.

Such software available includes advanced Internet web 2.00 tool applications using Flex 3.0, Flash and AJAX, along with PHP script. These software offer tailor-made products and solutions based on the belief that one size doesn’t fit all, particularly when it comes to T Shirt designs. These software are made by RIA Technology.

Another software available is the T Shirt Factory Deluxe 3.0 created by Nova Development. It features 6,300 plus ready-made designs, 28,000 colour Clip Art images, 2 CD-ROMs and Fruit of the Loom 100 per cent cotton Lofteez T Shirt.

Besides T Shirts, the designs from this software could also be used on shorts, director’s chairs, pennants, visors and even photo T Shirts and business logo shirts. When the design is done, it is printed to a particular transfer paper using any colour inkjet printer, iron and then peel.

Technology certainly has gone a long way that makes grand promises by T Shirt Printing companies such as same-day service, possible.

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Steps on how to use shake and cleanse pak products

There are products that would help you to improve your good health and will help your body change according to what you like or become. But purchasing with this kind of products is not easy, you should be careful and consult first to health experts that will guide you to what fits your body and immune system.  You should also need to read the details and information before you buy it so that you guarantee that it won’t harm your health. Choose effective and is recommended by most user for you to see the results and side effects they get from it.

Shake and cleanse pak is one of the examples that helps your body’s vitality and the tool of cleansing your body’s impurities that you need to remove before it reduces the energy and the good flow of the your body system. To make shake and cleanse products effective and get successful results, you have to follow certain steps that will guide you as you go long the process:

Steps on how to use shake and cleanse pak products

Use guide booklet

This isagenix program guide will serve as your daily planner of the products you’re going to use from morning to evening. This gives you instructions for the doses and the number of intake of the products you purchase. This serves as your support for your health improvement program.

Moral support

For you to become motivated with your work out you may need someone to support for your new transformation and changes. It’s better if you have company to join you and provide you inspiration to do this and that will always trace your improvement and keep you staying focused and give you daily counsel.

Eat healthy foods and that are good in enhancing your body’s need

You have to eat food that provide nutrients for your body and limit those unhealthy foods that will not add to your body enhancement. This will provide additional nourishment while you’re taking the products.

Exercise daily

This is the most essential part of achieving your goal where you can see the desired outcome that you have expected. Together with daily exercise and other physical work out, you are able to help shed the undesirable weights that you want to keep.

The importance of following these steps is to encourage the users and consumers to be informed what to do to make the program effective and become aware of how it results in your body after using it. This provides you instructions to follow so that you will have the idea where to start and end the activity. This will encourage you on how your life changes when you start to use these products.

The products of shake and cleanse pak is not a use for medication or treating your ailments. These are not used for curing or a sort of a diagnose of any medical complications, If you have some worse health condition, you are advised to see your doctor or physician first before you purchase these kit or products to avoid unnecessary incidents.

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Secret Strategies For You to Know With Your Property Investment

 When you want to make the best in everything you do, you must be vigilant, you must be patient and knowledgeable enough of the other strategies that will help you have the confidence and boost the possibility of making the smartest decisions an investor like you must make. Investment is a game, you might win or lose, yet if you are prepared and equipped, there’s no way out but to succeed.

Typically, each and every investor that already made a name in the industry is given to have the chosen strategy and focus in sticking to and using it. Other may have the combination of different strategies in a way that they find it most comfortable.

Property Investment

Always remember the following things:

Fancy Objects are to avoid the tendency of being attracted to fancy or what they call as the shiny objects, an idiom being used when you are changing your decisions each and every snap when you are to choose your property investment. The thing here is that, you must develop focus in a single thing that you have chosen.

It is always best to choose an investment property strategy that belongs to higher level. A massive help will be unto you if you are open for suggestions of any other investors about your chosen investment property. When you really are to do this, best choose to attend some networking events.

When you are about to consider one, bear in mind the following factors that will help you a lot such as:

Asking yourself what kind of person are you, do you see yourself as a people person, someone that loves socializing? This is because this will give you more chances when you are to source with real estate agents. Then if you are an opposite, best for you to team up and do the source leading.

Ask yourself what are your essential skills that you already have because this will give you the idea of how much extent you will be able to serve and provide with your investors.

Ask yourself about your availability. Time is the most important factor here, yet if you find it really scarce, then it would be best for you to venture with a person that is not just interested with your real estate investment property project but the one which have the time that could replace yours and the property skills as well.

Ask yourself on how you deal with risk. This is because you will choose either to have the higher risk investment and if you do not like the sound, you must never invest with poor areas. What is best for you is to choose those flats and modern houses located in areas with high population and employment rate and this will suit your interest better for you to be able to exert all your efforts in a thing that you are very interested with. Other factors may be applied, research for more options.

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Here’s Some Tips to Buying a CCTV Camera

These days, more and more people are opting for CCTV cameras to safeguard their commercial and residential properties. Security cameras are readily offered by many online and retail stores to suit people’s needs for security. You just have to search carefully for the best ones that fit your needs. With today’s modern technology, people can shop for CCTV cameras without leaving their homes. Here are tips when buying a CCTV camera.

Shopping online is free of hassles and complexities when searching for the best products you need at home. Opting for CCTV cameras is no exception. When you opt to buy online, you provide convenience as you don’t need to look further but on the websites offering these products for your needs. You will just have to browse in search engines, type the best keyword phrase and a long list of virtual stores are shown before you. This is the best part of shopping when you have to compare prices and features. Choose the best cctv design while you buy one for you.

cctv camera

Due to exciting new advancements in technology, home and business owners can now utilize the night vision cameras for their CCTV needs. These devices are wireless and may be plugged into a private computer or laptop. These models embrace software that provides motion detection. The user may need to choose between two or four channel cameras to view night time activities at the outdoors. This camera utilizes digital video recorder (DVR) and has network abilities.

Another tips when buying a CCTV camera are the indoor cameras like the dome cameras. When selecting this model, choose those that come by fours to get enough savings. These cameras are placed inside the house or certain business points like the entrance hallway and the kitchen doors. Contact top security consultants for more information. For those who want to consider vandalism on outdoor fences, you may need models that provide vandal resistant bodies. These make sensible choices for outlets that provide viewing of footages from a smartphone or iPhone. Furthermore, the outdoor camera models are resistant to any types of weather.

With today’s models of CCTV cameras, you find different types that suit different needs. Many manufacturers, malls, stores, airports, casinos, and banks are now open to use cameras to view daily operations and activities. Pictures are recorded and saved, and can be viewed from a foreign location. You can do that if software allows you to download the system. You can even use it if you are faraway through a mobile device or your own 3G phone.

cctv camera

Modern wireless cameras have become increasingly well liked due to its affordability and simplicity to use. These can be easily installed at any place within your home or office premises and can be updated everywhere. Images are clear enough with better signals. You may want to utilize this device in your properties.

Those who prefer to purchase online can maximize the benefits of using it effectively. Customer service and technical support are readily provided. The orders are handled by well-trained professionals, where they give you high quality service. The cameras too are also offered with a one-year warranty, so you get great tips of buying CCTV camera that will suit your preferences and needs.

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